First Time Homebuyers

Congratulations on entering escrow on your first home!

This is an exciting time for you. We well help you, as we have others, through the process of becoming homeowners. Let us know that this is your first real estate purchase and we will make sure to explain all the steps involved in completing your purchase. We will explain why we take specific steps in order to protect you, not only today when you buy your home, but also tomorrow while you own it, and when you decide to sell it down the road.

One of the things to consider as you purchase a home (likely your largest financial transaction) is to consider its impact on retirement. How will being house poor effect your plans and how will you get the equity out of your property? You may want to consider the views in: Mussett, Ben "Why home ownership is not the key to a comfortable retirement." The Globe and Mail, June 22, 2022, Ontario edition, sec. B.